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ItaLingua is an award-winning school of Italian language and culture, serving students in San Francisco and Berkeley. Our mission is to preserve and advance Italian language and culture by creating a piece of Italy here in the Bay Area. More than just a language school, ItaLingua is a place for students to learn and to celebrate life as Italians do.
ItaLingua captures the essence of Italy's charm, history and traditions, creating an atmosphere in which students absorb the language and appreciate the richness of Italy's colorful past and lively present. ItaLingua's university-educated, Italian-born instructors introduce students to the distinct dialects, idioms and customs of their native regions of Italy. In addition to discussing Italy's reknowned music, food and wine, ItaLingua gives students deeper insight into Italian culture by exploring film, sports, news and politics.
Since it opened in 1991, ItaLingua has taught thousands of students, from 18-80+ years old. Some people come to ItaLingua to learn enough Italian to get by on an upcoming vacation to Italy, others come to fully master the language. Still others come in pursuance of their interest in art, music, wine, food or other aspects of Italian culture. Whatever their reason for coming to the school, they often stay to enjoy the company of others who share their passion of Italy.
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