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Excellent Class
Francesca is an excellent teacher. Teaching is an art, and Francesca has indeed mastered this art... The mastery over language, the mild infusion of humor to keep the class focused, the emphasis on details, and personal attention she pays to all her students, makes it a wonderful experience.
by ihcnarf
More than a language school!
Studying Italian at ItaLingua is a glimpse into the life and culture of the country. Francesca and her teaching staff are all native speakers and they bring the text and drills to life with their insights into how Italians communicate with each other. Really a marvelous experience.
by lfournier
Native speakers, personable & animated!
Learning Italian at ItaLingua is second best to being in Italy. Francesca and her instructors, all native speakers, bring to the class not just their extensive knowledge of the language, but the gracious, personable and animated personality that is so notable of italian culture, making italian fun to learn.
by lenguerra
ItaLingua is the best!
This is the best Italian (and language) school I have ever experienced. ItaLingua is not just a school but an immersion experience. Francesca is fabulous, as are all the instructors. Do yourself a favor and attend a class-or even an event!
by heatn
Good school!
ItaLingua has excellent teachers and decent prices. The classes are geared for teaching you how to speak and write Italian. Many other schools just have parties and tell jokes, and no one learns much. At this school you will actually use a textbook, and you will learn the grammar and vocabulary needed to speak and write in Italian.
by amerigo41
The school to learn Italian in the Bay Area!
ItaLingua provides not only credentialed and inspiring instructors who make learning the language fun and exciting, but they go beyond just teaching you the language, by introducing and enveloping students in Italian culture, art and traditions. At Italingua all are famiglia!
by ilpasticciere
An extended family!
When I moved to San Francisco two years ago I was looking not just for a place to learn Italian, but also a place to connect to others who share my passion for Italy. I'm so lucky to have found ItaLingua! All of the teachers are supportive, enthusiastic and fun - encouraging us to act and speak like Italians. Both in group classes and private lessons, ItaLingua teachers have focused in on my particular needs. Now, having taken several classes with the same people, I feel like I really know them. For me, ItaLingua is like the extended Italian family I never had!
by newhampshiregirl
Learning this language is fun!
Since the number of students in each class is small, I have gotten to know my fellow students very well and each week, I look forward to seeing them... and it's nice to know that others struggle with the same problems that I do in learning this beautiful language. The teachers are masters at explaining difficult grammar and use a variety of tools, such as song, video and newspaper articles to help us understand the Italian way of thinking. It has made learning this language fun!
by Roberta B.
No plans to stop attending!
I'm on my seventh ItaLingua class, and have no plans to stop. The classes are an effective mix of grammar and conversation, language and popular culture, instruction and student participation, and the instructors are experienced and enthusiastic. I've also enjoyed getting to know my classmates, who share my enthusiasm for Italian language, food and culture.
by Bob M.
It's an amazing feeling!
I've been studying at ItaLingua for nearly two years and I can't believe how far my classmates and I have come! It's an amazing feeling to flip through the last few pages of the textbook and realize how much I've learned. The small class sizes ensure that everyone can participate in conversation, and the teachers and other students create a fun atmosphere to learn the Italian language, culture and about local events in the Bay Area community.
by Aviva
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