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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering at ItaLingua is rewarding - and fun! It's a great way to meet others who share a passion for Italy and to practice speaking Italian (though, of course that's not required!)
Like most non-profit organizations, ItaLingua relies on help from volunteers. Whether you have special skills, lots of free time, or just an hour here and there to give, your help will be greatly appreciated. Come into the office and mingle with staff and volunteers, work from home, or join other volunteers working in your neighborhood.
Volunteer Opportunities Include
  • Graphic design/layout projects
  • Delivering brochures to local businesses, restaurants
  • Help organize a gathering or study group in your area
  • Data entry and database management (Access, Excel)
  • Website maintenance
  • Mailings and other office work
  • Errands - picking up food, supplies, etc.
  • Posting flyers in your neighborhood
  • Phoning students regarding upcoming classes and events
  • Helping at special events/programs
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