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Welcome to ItaLingua Institute!

The School for Italian Language and Culture in the Bay Area!

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Welcome to ItaLingua Institute!

The School for Italian Language and Culture in the Bay Area!

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Corona Virus Update

Setember 1, 2021

Dear Students,

For the Fall 2021 term (October 11th – December 4th) we will continue to offer online classes using the Zoom Conferencing application. We will let you know should anything will change.

Thank you for your kind support!

If you have any questions, please email us at:

We hope to see you soon in class. It’s our pleasure to study with you!

-The ItaLingua Team

Benvenuti! Learn, live, love... Italian style!

Welcome to ItaLingua...

ItaLingua is an award-winning school of Italian language and culture, serving students in San Francisco and Berkeley. Our mission is to preserve and advance the Italian language and culture by creating a piece of Italy here in the Bay Area. More than just a language school, ItaLingua is a place for students to learn and to celebrate life as Italians do.

ItaLingua captures the essence of Italy’s charm, history, and traditions, creating an atmosphere in which students absorb the language and appreciate the richness of Italy’s colorful past and lively present. ItaLingua’s university-educated, Italian-born instructors introduce students to the distinct dialects, idioms, and customs of their native regions of Italy. In addition to discussing Italy’s renowned music, food, and wine, ItaLingua gives students a deeper insight into Italian culture by exploring film, sports, news and politics.

Since it opened in 1991, ItaLingua has taught thousands of students, from 18-80+ years old. Some people come to ItaLingua to learn enough Italian to get by on an upcoming vacation to Italy, others come to fully master the language. Still, others come in pursuance of their interest in art, music, wine, food, or other aspects of Italian culture. Whatever their reason for coming to the school, they often stay to enjoy the company of others who share their passion for Italy.

What our Students are saying....
Can't praise them enough! - I've been taking classes at ItaLingua since 2011, and can't praise them enough. The proof is in the speaking: After only two beginner classes, my husband and I were able to have extended conversations on our next visit to Italy. All the teachers are smart, lively, and patient (though Francesca is the absolute best!) and they do a great job helping you understand and participate. Beyond the language, beautiful and interesting as it is, you learn a ton about the country and the people. Very highly recommended!
by Susan W., San Francisco, CA.
This school has been amazing! - Our instructor Mattia in the Berkeley campus was fantastic! He created an environment that made it easy to learn the language! His insight and teaching abilities made 2 hrs of class fly by! Lots of laughter and encouragement. His abilities have helped me uncover a real understanding of the language. I'd recommend this class to everyone! Thanks!
by Yvonne D., Vallejo, CA.
ItaLingua is a fabulous resource. - I have taken Italian lessons there for a couple of years now, and am quite pleased with my progress as an older man learning a new language. The instructors are engaged and enthusiastic - Yay, Francesca! - and the students are encouraged to converse in the language. If you want to learn Italian, this is the place to go!
by Joe G., Fremont, CA.
Italingua and Francesca are amazing!! - I work remotely for an Italian company and I started trying to learn Italian from many work trips over to Italy as well as Rosetta Stone. I learned more with 8 weeks of Italingua than with 2 years of Rosetta Stone and independent study. The classes are always engaging, and I am always motivated to learn more. Francesca creates a classroom which helps us begin to think in Italian, minimizing (if not eliminating) any English speaking during the lesson. I notice improvements of my understanding and retention after every class. Additionally, I travel often for work, so my schedule tends to ensure I miss some classes during a session, but Francesca has always been so accommodating to offer makeup classes and allow me to be flexible in my studies.
by Katy H., San Francisco, CA.
Italingua is absolutely wonderful and Francesca is the best! - Lessons are fun and engaging. There's a good balance between learning grammar and practicing spoken Italian. I've done Skype lessons and Pimsleur but, nothing beats speaking with real native speakers (and your fellow students) on a regular basis. I've been taking classes with Italingua for a couple years now and, it's more than a school, it's a community. It feels like an extended family. If you're looking for a Italian school in the Bay Area, I highly recommend it!
by Lisa A., San Francisco, CA.
Teachers at ItaLingua are the best! - I highly recommend ItaLingua for both beginning and advanced students of Italian. Francesca Gaspari, ItaLingua's director and top teacher, is energetic and full of passion for the Italian language and culture. I have taken lessons at ItaLingua for over 10 years from several different teachers. The lessons I've learned have enriched my travels to Italy. ... I can now read and enjoy works by Italian authors in Italian (for example, Susanna Tamaro, Stefano Benni, Carlo Collodi (who wrote "Pinocchio"). I even had fun reading Harry Potter in Italian! I am comfortable ordering bruschetta and other Italian dishes in Italian restaurants in SF because I no longer mangle the pronunciation. Italia opera is more fun, too, because I know what's going on! The teachers at ItaLingua are all native speakers and, more importantly, are very capable teachers.
by Gail S., San Francisco, CA.
Francesca Gaspari

About ItaLingua

ItaLingua is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with locations in San Francisco and Berkeley.

San Francisco has long enjoyed a thriving Italian community. Originally composed of immigrants who settled here, bringing their culture and language, the population has grown to include Americans of Italian descent and Italophiles of all nationalities.

Founded in 1991, ItaLingua gives San Francisco’s Italy-loving community a school of language and culture. A large number of Italian scholars and professionals living in the Bay Area ensured a strong pool of teachers, presenters, and seminar leaders that could share their knowledge and passion. One of the founding directors, Prof. Rosabianca Lo Verso, took advantage of this expertise, expanding the initial offerings of four beginning grammar classes to include advanced grammar studies, conversation, literature, history, and Italian civilization. She organized seminars on Italian cinema and cooking, and created a vibrant program with a loyal following.

In 1996, current director Francesca Gaspari joined the school as a teacher and quickly became a favorite with students. Her enthusiasm for teaching has carried over to her leadership of the school. Describing her goals, she says, “I want to create a piece of Italy in San Francisco, a cultural center where people can get a sense of Italy, read Italian books, watch Italian television. I want to build a community that is more than just a school.”

To that end, ItaLingua now brings Italophiles together with grammar and conversation classes taught by university-educated native speakers who undertake ongoing professional training, as well as seminars on Italian opera, Renaissance art, cinema and theater, wine and food, politics, regional traditions and folklore from throughout the country.

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ItaLingua Institute
870 Market Street, Suite 701
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p: (415) 362-6025

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