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School of Italian Language and Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area and Online Throughout the United States

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Welcome to ItaLingua Institute!

School of Italian Language and Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area and Online Throughout the United States

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Let’s continue with another interactive and fun workshop on the conjunctions and other words commonly used by native speakers, but often found to be a bit difficult for students of Italian. Dopo che, magari, inoltre, neanche, ogni volta che, mentre, durante, per, perche’, affinche’… When and how we use them?    


This interactive workshop will provide the traveler with some basic Italian phraseology. It will point you in the right direction with phrases you can use in hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, and for general interactions.



Enter the world of emotions, imagination, doubt, uncertainty, possibilities, subjectivity and leave the world of concrete reality behind you.
We will study and review the use of these four tenses, illustrating with practical examples and how to use them in conversation.

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Benvenuti! Learn, live, love... Italian style!

Welcome to ItaLingua...

ItaLingua is an award-winning school of Italian language and culture, serving students in San Francisco and Berkeley. Our mission is to preserve and advance the Italian language and culture by creating a piece of Italy here in the Bay Area. More than just a language school, ItaLingua is a place for students to learn and to celebrate life as Italians do.

ItaLingua captures the essence of Italy’s charm, history, and traditions, creating an atmosphere in which students absorb the language and appreciate the richness of Italy’s colorful past and lively present. ItaLingua’s university-educated, Italian-born instructors introduce students to the distinct dialects, idioms, and customs of their native regions of Italy. In addition to discussing Italy’s renowned music, food, and wine, ItaLingua gives students a deeper insight into Italian culture by exploring film, sports, news and politics.

Since it opened in 1991, ItaLingua has taught thousands of students, from 18-80+ years old. Some people come to ItaLingua to learn enough Italian to get by on an upcoming vacation to Italy, others come to fully master the language. Still, others come in pursuance of their interest in art, music, wine, food, or other aspects of Italian culture. Whatever their reason for coming to the school, they often stay to enjoy the company of others who share their passion for Italy.

What our Students are saying....
I had always wanted to learn Italian and ItaLingua has made that dream come true. The teachers are all native Italian, very friendly, and focused on getting all students, even the shy ones, engaged in conversations and speaking. Contrary to many online self learning tools out there, ItaLingua provides students with a solid understanding of Italian grammar, at a pace that is not overwhelming. After completing all the levels offered by the school, I switched to one on one private classes which have been amazing. My teacher has become my friend and I truly look forward to my class every week. At the end of the day, you will get from the class as much as you put in. I highly recommend the school. After close to 4 years of learning Italian through the school, I decided to move to Italy and I have ItaLingua to thank for making this possible.
by Claudine B., San Francisco, CA.
ItaLingua is a welcoming place to learn Italian. All the teachers I've had over the past four years studying there have been excellent. They all have great teaching skills, are professional, native speakers and are friendly and supportive. (Also the classes are fun!) I especially like the "no English" approach, right from the first beginning classes. I took my first trip to Italy in October 2021. After nearly four years studying Italian at ItaLingua, I had a great time navigating the language while I was there! Got lots of compliments on my Italian from natives (though of course I am far from fluent).
by René T., Oakland, CA.
Can't praise them enough! - I've been taking classes at ItaLingua since 2011, and can't praise them enough. The proof is in the speaking: After only two beginner classes, my husband and I were able to have extended conversations on our next visit to Italy. All the teachers are smart, lively, and patient (though Francesca is the absolute best!) and they do a great job helping you understand and participate. Beyond the language, beautiful and interesting as it is, you learn a ton about the country and the people. Very highly recommended!
by Susan W., San Francisco, CA.
This school has been amazing! - Our instructor Mattia in the Berkeley campus was fantastic! He created an environment that made it easy to learn the language! His insight and teaching abilities made 2 hrs of class fly by! Lots of laughter and encouragement. His abilities have helped me uncover a real understanding of the language. I'd recommend this class to everyone! Thanks!
by Yvonne D., Vallejo, CA.
ItaLingua is a fabulous resource. - I have taken Italian lessons there for a couple of years now, and am quite pleased with my progress as an older man learning a new language. The instructors are engaged and enthusiastic - Yay, Francesca! - and the students are encouraged to converse in the language. If you want to learn Italian, this is the place to go!
by Joe G., Fremont, CA.
With the assistance of private instructors at ItaLingua, I am able to read all sorts of materials in Italian: novels, newspapers, songs. Encouraged by ItaLingua instructors, I have started writing stories of my own in Italian. As a life long student of foreign languages and former French to English translator, I highly recommend ItaLingua's classes at all levels.
by Gail S., San Francisco, CA.
Unlike typical college classes or do-it-yourself programs like Babel or Rosetta Stone, at ItaLingua you learn the language in the context of the Italian culture. So you not only learn how to read, write, listen and speak Italian, you gain an understanding of the country and people - which you can only learn from real Italians.
by Craig L., Benicia, CA.
I've taken four wonderful classes at this institute and it has been spectacular. Teachers are fantastic!
by Camille P., Palo Alto, CA.
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Welcome to ItaLingua!

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