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About ItaLingua

ItaLingua Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates in San Francisco, Berkeley and online throughout the United States.

ItaLingua was founded in 1991 with the goal of providing San Francisco’s Italian community and Italophiles of all nationalities with a school dedicated to learning the Italian language and culture.

The Italian community in San Francisco has a rich history, with immigrants settling in the area and passing on their culture and language to future generations. Over time, this community has grown to include Americans of Italian descent and individuals from various backgrounds who have a passion for Italy.

The school’s early development was supported by a group of Italian scholars and professionals living in the Bay Area, who became teachers, presenters, and seminar leaders, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Italian culture and language.

In 1996, Francesca Gaspari joined ItaLingua as a teacher and quickly became a favorite among the students. Her passion for teaching and dedication to promoting Italian culture led her to assume the role of Director. Francesca expressed her vision for the organization, aiming to establish a “piece of Italy” in the heart of San Francisco.

Francesca believes that like Italian paintings, Opera or literature, the Italian language is a work of art. Just as learning about Michelangelo, Verdi or Dante enriches anyone’s appreciation of beauty and its creators, learning Italian enriches the appreciation of Italy and all things Italian.

ItaLingua has expansive Italian language offerings to encompass a wide range of classes, workshops and meetups. The school provides classes taught by university-educated native speakers who continue ongoing professional training.

ItaLingua caters to learners of all levels, from beginners to those interested in advanced grammar studies, conversation, literature, history, and Italian civilization.

ItaLingua students have many reasons to join our classes. Some are planning trips to Italy; others have Italian relatives or are tracing their family history. Many are attracted by the Italian language because they love Italian art, music, architecture, fashion, cooking, and wine. In every ItaLingua class, students are involved in a complete visual, emotional, and phonetic experience. We bring language to life and let our students realize how beautiful, fun and sexy Italian is – so they keep studying it.

ItaLingua’s emphasis on high-quality instructions and its commitment to creating a strong sense of community have contributed to its success and loyal following over the years.
ItaLingua Institute
912 Cole Street, #349
San Francisco, CA 94117
p: (415) 362-6025
email: italian@italingua.org

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