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Please RSVP by 02/28/2024.

Friday, March 1st10:00am-12:00pm$45Register
2024-2 Workshop

Le Congiunzioni e Altre Parole – Part 1

Required level: Intermediate to Advanced

Finalmente, alla fine, prima che, prima di, dopo che, anzi, invece, mica, magari, inoltre, insomma…e cosi’ via.

Quando e come si usano?

This workshop is intended for the study and practice of conjunctions and other words, adverbs and expressions commonly used by native speakers, but often found to be a bit difficult for a student of Italian.

We will see when and how we use them in everyday conversation.


Please RSVP by 04/02/2024.

Friday, April 5th 2:30pm-4:30pm $40 Register
ItaLingua Institute
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